Interdisciplinary research coaching

For master’s and doctoral students, I teach scientific writing for STEM and how to present your research to a variety of audiences.

What my students have said about me

Sierra, Ph.D. Candidate in marine conservation

“During COVID I received tutoring remotely (in Australia). Alex had little to know knowledge of my PhD topic when we began working together and still she has been incredibly helpful in further my own understanding of my topic by asking challenge questions that are necessary was developing proposal all the way to writing the final draft of a paper. 

Alex has been able to quide me through the development of models (i.e. social networks) and statistical analysis that is relevant and appropriate for the work I am conducting. 

Having a tutor who also understands the hardships and challenges of being a PhD student has been extremely helpful. She understands the high expectations and calibre of what is expected in scientific writing and analysis.

Most importantly, for me, as a woman in science, it has been inspiring to work with another female academic.”

Noemi, Stanford University Student on teaching communication

“As my editor at the Stanford Daily, Alex gave me incredibly detailed and useful feedback on every piece I submitted. She didn’t want to just publish an article, but also to teach me to improve my writing in the long-term. Her ability to constructively focus on small details while successfully managing the bigger picture and running the entire arts section is a testament to her constant diligent and thoughtful work.”

Gillie, Stanford University Student on teaching communication

“I worked under Alex at The Stanford Daily, where she was an exceptional Managing Editor for the Intermission Arts and Life section. She is a thoughtful critic and diligent editor, who made me a more confident writer. Her tireless work ethic and dedication to cultural criticism were inspirational to me.” 


Background: university level courses taken

Math/Statistics: Calculus I & II, Multivariable Calculus, Ordinary Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Statistics (including at the graduate level, multiple courses), and more
Physics: Intro to Physics, Waves and Vibrations, Statistical Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electricity & Magnetism, Special Relativity, Quantum Mechanics I & II
Chemistry: Intro to Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Material Science Computer Science: Intro to Computer Science, Algorithms, Dynamic Programming I & II, Digital Logic, Electronics

Teaching Experience

High School

Branksome Hall Tutor in math, chemistry, and physics (October 2017-present)

Stanford University

Teaching Assistant for MS&E 220: Introduction to Probability (Summer 2017)

Teaching Assistant for MS&E 262: Supply Chain Management (Spring 2015, 2017)

Teaching Assistant for MS&E 261: Inventory Control & Production Systems (Winter 2014, 2017)

Tutor for Office of Accessible Education in writing and chemistry (Fall 2016)

Instructor for MS&E 260: Introduction to Operations Management (Summer 2015)

Teaching Assistant for MS&E 264: Sustainable Product Design (Autumn 2012 and 2013)

Teaching Assistant for MS&E 266: New Product Development (Winter 2013)

University of Toronto

Teaching Assistant for ESC101: 1st year EngSci Engineering Design Praxis Course (2010)

Assessor for ESC102:1st year EngSci Engineering Design Praxis Course (2009-2010)

Teaching Assistant for ESC102 (2009)

Engineering Science Club Quantum Physics Tutor for PHY291 (2009)

Assessor for ESC201: 2nd year EngSci Engineering Design Praxis Course (2008)