Physics, Math, Chemistry Tutoring


confidence and master STEM subjects

Let’s work together one-on-one to help you succeed in your STEM courses: physics, chemistry, math, calculus, statistics, and more!

What can you expect from working with me?

My goal is to make sure you master your understanding of the course concepts and can confidently apply these concepts to solving problems. I also work with you to build the foundation you’ll need to continue your study in STEM fields.

Whether you’re looking to understand every nook and cranny of course material, ace the course, or just be a little less confused about what’s going on, I’m here to help.

I know first-hand how important it can be to get one-on-one support in your studies, especially in subjects where it can be time-consuming just to keep your head above water. If we work together, you won’t spend hours stuck on a problem you can’t seem to figure out. You won’t walk into a test unable to solve half of the assigned problems. And you’ll have help identifying what kind of mistakes you make and how to avoid them.

As someone who has both been a STEM student and who has taught STEM students as an instructor, TA, and tutor, I understand what it’s like to navigate these courses from both sides. I’ve worked with hundreds of students at all levels of education both one-on-one and as a classroom instructor: high school students, undergraduate students, and graduate students.

If you’re wondering…

How do instructors set test questions? I’ve written tests for multiple STEM graduate courses at Stanford University. I’ve also served as a teaching assistant for both undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Toronto and Stanford University, so I’ve graded tests, exams, and assignments for hundreds of students.

How do I answer a question I’ve never seen before? I have 10+ years of being a STEM student figuring this out on my own, and almost as many working with students to help them developing problem-solving strategies.

Where can I find extra sample problems to really boost my confidence? I know where and how to find these and can help you identify problems that are at an appropriate difficulty level.

My teacher gives me practice problems with solutions. Why do I need tutoring? If you aren’t given fully worked solutions, how do you know if you made a careless mistake or if you don’t know what you’re doing? And if you don’t know what you’re doing, what good are fully worked solutions anyway? Sometimes, the answers you’ve been given are wrong! I remember spending hours trying to figure out what I did wrong (including on tests) when it wasn’t me at al that was the problem! I don’t want to you to go through that, as well.

What does a typical tutoring session look like?

It will be tailored to you! If you’re completely lost on a topic, I can give you a crash course in it.

If you’ve got the basics, but aren’t sure how to do practice problems, we can solve problems together, and I’ll help you when you get stuck.

If you’ve already solved a pile of practice problems and run into a bunch of little problems, you can bring them to me, and I’ll model how I think through them so that you can use similar strategies going forward.

Along the way, I’ll provide advice on how to minimize your errors, techniques that might simplify things for you, and provide any additional context on the course material that will make it feel more relevant to the real world. If you’ve ever wondered, why on earth do I need calculus? I can help. Why am I learning all about electricity and magnetism? I can help.

Who am I?

I love teaching, and I want STEM to be fun and accessible to everyone. Especially as you get to grade 11, physics, chemistry, and math move quickly. It’s easy to fall behind, and if you miss some tiny concept, it can be a problem as everything builds on everything else.

So many of my students tell me they’re bad at math or bad at physics, and as we work together, I discover, they’re actually brilliant at math and physics, they just needed a bit of a helping hand to gain confidence and fill in knowledge gaps. The more we work together, the more independent you’ll become. But I’m always here to offer support and knowledge when you need it.

As a high school student, I was constantly asking questions in class, and of my university friends in STEM, to help me solve physics and calculus problems when I just couldn’t quite figure out how to get started.

What is my background/experience?

I have B.A.Sc. (Honours) in Engineering Science, Major in Manufacturing Systems, from the University of Toronto. This interdisciplinary program required that I take at least a couple of courses in every branch of science and engineering, which means I have a minimum of a couple of years of university courses in every subject.

I’m a Ph.D. Candidate in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University, completing my dissertation on how to reduce food waste in the US Food Distribution System. My interdisciplinary Ph.D. work is all about mathematical modeling, which means I’m an expert in interpreting models regardless of the subject, from physics to supply chains, and bring that problem-solving approach with me as a teacher.

At the University of Toronto, I received the prestigious National Scholarship, a full scholarship for my entire degree of study. On graduation, I was awarded with the Engineers For the World Award and Gordon Cressy Leadership Award for my extra-curricular contributions. I also received the Award of Excellent for achieving a CPGA of greater than 3.90. For my studies at Stanford, I was funded by the International Fulbright Science and Technology Scholarship, Canada’s NSERC Doctoral Fellowship, and the UPS Endowment Fund at Stanford University. At Stanford, I was awarded the Lieberman Fellowship for research, teaching, and citizenship.

What subjects do I teach?

  • Grade 11 and 12 Physics (including IB)
  • Grade 11 and 12 Chemistry (including IB)
  • Grade 9-11 math, Grade 12 Calculus and other math subjects
  • Grade 9-10 general science

The IB Program

Both as a tutor at Toronto’s Branksome Hall and a private tutor (The York School, Toronto French School, and more), I have tutored dozens of students in IB Physics, Chemistry, and Math. I have extensive experience with the curricula and the exams. Additionally, as a high school student, I took HL IB Chemistry (I got a 7), so I also know first-hand what it’s like to be inside one of these courses.

How do tutoring sessions work?

Due to the pandemic, I am tutoring virtually via Zoom video chat.

I always recommend meeting for two hours per session, and at least one session per week per subject.

In my experience, it’s hard to not just get into a subject but really wrap your head around it in just an hour. You’re always racing against the clock. With two hours, we can cover background concepts and have time for you to apply your knowledge with me there to help.

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy, or you will be charged the full amount per session.

Please get in touch to discuss remuneration.

What my students have said about me

“I am very grateful for all the prep we did together and all the confidence you give me about my physics abilities!” – Eliza, Physics Student, Branksome Hall, 2017-2020

“Thank you so much for helping me learn physics this year! I feel like I have improved so much thanks to you!” – Maddie, Physics Student, Branksome Hall 2017-2019

What parents have said about me

Mother of private student in Physics and Math, 2019-2020

“Thank you, Alex, for everything you did to improve Mackenzie’s grades, to offer her support in her learning, and to be a strong mentor. It was a stroke of luck that our paths crossed and we hope that good-fortune follows you wherever your journey takes you. We are grateful.”

Alexandra thank you so much for all the help you have given Elle with these subjects. She feels so much better about everything, but certainly pushes herself too hard at times and makes the interim learning  more difficult for her. Oh the woes of a teenager…..!!!! Still, Alexandra you are a very positive influence and guiding hand in Eliza’s life and Kirby & I really appreciate it. 

Mother of Branksome Hall student I tutored in Physics 2017-2020

“Alexandra, thank you so much for all the help you have given Elle with these subjects. She feels so much better about everything. Alexandra you are a very positive influence and guiding hand in [Elle’s] life and [her father] & I really appreciate it.”

Mother of Branksome Hall student I tutored in Physics, 2017-2019, on her daughter now studying MIE at UofT

“Leah’s doing great, and you can take credit for it!”