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As the President and Editor-in-Chief of Seventh Row since 2016, a nonprofit online film criticism publication and publishing house, I have co-edited, co-authored, and published 13 books on film, including some of the first books ever written on a filmmaker or subject (e.g., the first full-length books ever written on Céline Sciamma and Joanna Hogg).

My books are in university classrooms and libraries around the world, including University of the Pacific (California), Leeds University (UK), and Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand).


Roads to Nowhere ebook Kelly Reichardt broken american dreams book


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An in-depth interview with Suzie Davies features in this book. Suzie Davies is one of our guests for the production design masterclass.


What critics are saying

What we want more often from critical analysis but so rarely get

Seventh Row’s You Were Never Really Here: A Special Issue ebook allows for a deeper appreciation of a brilliant piece of art. It’s what we want more often from critical analysis — a conversation with the art and its creators — but so rarely get.
Brian Tallerico
Managing Editor,

One of the finest film-related texts of 2019

One of the finest film-related texts of 2019 was the Seventh Row team’s analysis of Mike Leigh’s Peterloo, and this series of deep cinema exploration continues with Tour of Memories: The Creative Process Behind Joanna Hogg’s The Souvenir and The 2019 Canadian Cinema Yearbook. Both eBooks are once again edited by two of the smartest, most readable writers on film art, Orla Smith and Alex Heeney…Together, these Seventh Row ebooks tackle films that deserve serious respect and analysis. 
Christopher Schobert
Film Critic, The Film Stage

A cornerstone for any future Sciamma scholarship

Portraits of Resistance covers enormous ground, reading Sciamma’s work as queer cinema, women’s cinema, European cinema, looking at the both the stories and the aesthetics, and how Sciamma has already created distinct and unique films with a singular voice. Not only is it a great introduction for any who want to learn more about the filmmaker, it will be a cornerstone for any future Sciamma scholarship.
Shelagh Rowan-Legg
Film Critic, ScreenAnarchy

Seventh Row is changing the game

Seventh Row is changing the game by regularly publishing ebooks on some of my favorites, like Joanna Hogg and Kelly Reichardt. I just read the newest book, Portraits of Resistance, on Céline Sciamma and am pleased to report that it lived up to my high expectations. Were it a print publication, I would be ecstatic to discover it in a bookstore.
Lindsay Pugh
Film Critic, Woman in Revolt