About Me

I have two big loves: engineering and the movies.

In my engineering life, I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University, currently in the process of completing my dissertation. I completed my undergraduate degree — B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science with Honours, Major in Manufacturing Systems — at the University of Toronto. My interdisciplinary research has focused on how to reduce food waste in the US food distribution system through supply chain management strategies (Ph.D.) and how to model the spread of a pandemic disease in an urban centre (Bachelor’s Thesis). I have also worked on designing undergraduate engineering curricula to incorporate teaching on engineering for sustainable development.

I currently tutor high school students in STEM topics and coach Ph.D. students and full-time researchers in designing and communicating interdisciplinary research.

Thanks to the COVID pandemic, I’ve recently developed an interest in monitoring and improving Indoor Air Quality in schools, homes, and businesses. I’m still in the process of turning this into a consulting service to help upgrade IAQ in your building(s), but in the meantime, you can check out my Tweets about IAQ and preventing the spread of COVID @bwestcineaste on Twitter.

In my movie-watching life, I am the President and Editor-in-Chief of Seventh Row, a nonprofit online film criticism publication and boutique publishing house. At Seventh Row, I have co-edited and co-written 13 books on film. Our books are used in university classrooms and libraries around the world. I am a Tomatometer-approved critic, a member of Times Up Critical, and a member of the Online Film Critics Association. Filmmakers and film lovers come to us as a resource to better understand how films are made and how they address social issues to help incite social change.

I host two podcasts (A weekly film podcast since 2017, Seventh Row Podcast, and a Shakespeare podcast, The 21st Folio Podcast, on and off since 2016). I have also appeared on other film/culture podcasts, including The Film Stage Podcast, CinemaSeen on RogersTV, RoyCast, and Hazel Katniss Harry & Starr.

Sometimes, I run live-streamed masterclasses with filmmakers, such as Mike Leigh and Agnieszka Holland. In 2021, I ran a workshop on creative nonfiction filmmaking and a symposium on social issues in horror cinema. I run a weekly newsletter of film streaming recommendations. I also developed, designed, and maintain the Seventh Row website and online shop (and all of our tech).

Among my other hobbies and interests: I’m passionate about disability rights, systemic issues in the healthcare system, women’s rights, combatting systemic inequalities, climate change, theatre, jazz, and Shakespeare.

I am based in Toronto where I freelance as a consultant, film critic, tutor, dissertation consultant, and editor. If you’re interested in hiring me, please get in touch.